December 6, 2010

First off, I’m sorry Amy for being such a nutcase when I ran into you. Frazzled is not a strong enough word to describe my unpreparedness. Let me start from the beginning. If you read my blog you know I’ve been sick and have no voice. Well I’ve been staying at my parents house because my mom pretty much forced me to so she can take care of me because she knows I’m completely unreliable at taking medication. So, when I finally returned to Hillcrest I took to the streets right away. This left me up the river without a paddle per-say because I was completley unprepared all I knew was that it was Sunday afternoon and there were fashionable people walking around my city.

I was on the phone when I saw Amy’s outfit  so I quickly said “I need to blog,” and hung up. Then I approached, and in my barely there voice asked for her photo. I was so scrambled that I forgot paper and all I had was a crumpled-up torn-off slip with my blog address written on it, so unprofessional. Again, I apoligize. But back to Amy.

Amy has an amazing talent for styling. Her vertical striped button-up shirt is casually tucked in and the blazer’s sleeves are rolled, which keeps the outfit casual, even though she used more professional looking pieces. I also adore that pleated skirt, it’s the perfect length, especially when worn with those black leather boots. Adding a light brown blazer softens up the entire look and adds a color of sorts to the otherwise monochrome outfit. I can’t forget her bag, it’s the perfect size and fit for this outfit. She finished her look off with small rings and a tiny necklace which are great subtle accents. I hope Amy has a lookbook cause I’d love to see what other outfits she comes up with.

Stay Stylish!
Your Style Guide,

P.S. Amy’s hair is making me want black again, bangs included… must..keep..away…



November 30, 2010

Recently, I’ve been out of commission regarding fashion blogging. Not that I haven’t seen a lot of stylish people, I just have some sort of terrible illness which has swollen my throat making me talk like a twenty year smoker. My laugh is the creepiest. I just feel like I shouldn’t approach people when I’m obviously sick. So instead I’m dedicating the next two posts to have a heart to heart. This one is about fashion evolution.

In my life, there was a distinct point in time when I mark the beginning of my fashion consciousness. Early  2008 was when I first took an interest in fashion after a boyfriend told me that he was embarrassed to be seen in public with me dressing how I dressed. I’ll just be honest, in high school, I wore head to toe black, had long center-parted hair and would respond “Slipknot” if you asked about my favorite band. By 2008, my senior year, my style evolution had changed from “emo” to… “scene” yes you reserve the right to give me a million fashion citations for that one. So when I first began to investigate style via bloggers and runway shows, I needed a complete wardrobe overhaul.

When overhauling my wardrobe I had to consider what I’m comfortable in. Every day I wore a boy’s wifebeater, skinny jeans (which were still fairly a new thing for me), and huge skate shoes. To say I was a tomboy would be an understatement, wearing sceney bows in my hair was the first girly thing I had done in my entire life. I began with the tops, those were easy to replace with just some plain woman’s tank tops with both tight and loose hems. (I love my hanky hem shirts) The skinny jeans could stay, but all of my beloved light denim flare pants had to go. The shoes were the biggest challenge. To me, someone who was stylish always wore heels, so I went out and bought the most blogger-popular pair. Well, it didn’t take me long to realize heels were just not practical for my lifestyle (ask me about the time I ate it turning in a final… not pretty). I had began I pretty strong obsession with saddle shoes, but back in ’08 they were a scarce treasure, so I had to submit and buy flats, a shoe that I was not keen on in the slightest. I had always seen flats as “canoe shoes” that only made my feet look bigger, but I gave it a shot. My first pair was silver and a whopping 80 dollars at Nordstrom. Sadly, all of my early purchases were expensive because it took time to learn how to utilize and to only shop in sale sections.

Fast forward to 2009. I was in college and beginning to become more comfortable with my style. I was mixing gothic elements with a new found love of cool tone colors. I had a love of blazers, vests, and slouchy beanies and began to take risks with my style. The boyfriend who called me out because of my former style began regretting his decision because he now had to be seen in public with me donning harem pants (which I first hated but now adore) and five inch heels. My new found obsession with fashion has just heightened my lifelong obsession with shoes. Forever and ever shoes (well leather goods too) will be the only thing I splurge on.

In 2010 I toned down my look a bit and began dressing for only myself and not for any boyfriend or fashion world. I have a love of large off-the-shoulder sweaters paired with skinny jeans and leg warmers tucked into knee high boots. I wear a lot of black and grey right now, but maybe that will change in the spring. I made my biggest splurge (I’m calling it an investment) to date on a pair of triple lace up boots from L.A.M.B. which are reminiscent of the Ann Demeulemeester boots I’ve obsessed over from her Fall 2008 collection.

So, there you have it, from wearing all black, to… still wearing all black, my style has evolved.

What does your style evolution look like? Send pictures!
Your Style Guide,

Ashley (#3) and Iman

November 22, 2010

I hope I spelled their names right. Unfortunately, I made the mistake of going out and about without a pen on hand. I severely underestimated the amount of stylish people I would run into on my short walk to the bank.

First, I ran into Ashley. Those sequin shorts caught my eye right away! (I’m a big fan as I own a pair myself) I love that she made them classy by pairing them with knee high socks and wayfarers. I intercepted her in a crosswalk and had to convince her to let me take a photo. She told me she does not like her picture taken. Luckly, I was able to snap a shot. My blog would be severely lacking if I could not document this amazing outfit. I had to tell her the name of my blog because I didn’t have a pen, so I hope she finds it!

I let Ashley go on her way and continued my walk to the bank. While inside I took a  chained-down pen and quickly scribbled my site address on the back of a few deposit slips. This slightly made up for my lacking.

After the bank I decided to walk around the neighborhood to see if I could capture anyone else, because I owe you guys more fashion and less of my face.  I walked down the road tho the nearby shopping market, where I intercepted Iman.

I could not get over her boots, I love them! I can’t believe I did not ask where she got them. I only quickly snapped a photo because she was in the middle of walking her groceries to her car when I stopped her and I didn’t want to interrupt her too much. But let me get back to her outfit. I love how casual yet well put-together it is. Also, her hair: amazing. I constantly wish I had started a “cool hair blog” instead, cause I seem to drift towards people with interesting coifs and would love to document them. (note for the future maybe?)

Well that’s all for this week. Sorry I’m writing this quickly, I’m off to see Harry Potter so I need to leave… 5 mintues ago.

Stay Stylish!
Your Style Guide,

Week One & Christela

November 15, 2010

(I took this picture today.. “rest” is burnt out, which describes my week quite accurately)

Well I survived my first week alone… barely. This week has been one for the books. I’ll tell you about it in list form:
1. Went out to take a picture for my blog, saw a gorgeous girl in a gorgeous dress… only my assistant photographer, cough cough Christopher, forgot to put the sd card into the camera, so I suggested he use his camera phone, and this is the result. I do love Christela’s dress though, those sleeves… gush. She told me that she got it at Flashbacks. Of course. Paired with tights and a hair bow.. this girl knows how to dress.
2. I decided, new city, new hair. I was dead set on red.. a dark blood red. So, I went to the local beauty supply and bought Punky Color Red Wine and did a test strip,  but it was too pink. So the next day I went to Sally’s and bought some Manic Panic in Vampire Red. When I put it on my head it looked great… then I went to wash it out. After I removed the towel, to my horror… it was hot pink! Not my color and not ok for work, but I had no time to fix it. So I had to go to work, much to the horror of my boss. Luckily, Sally’s is next door. Over the next few days I tried everything to get rid of it: clarifying shampoo (just fried it more), a brown semi permanent die (didn’t even sink in), then finally, bleach. So now I have 1/2 platinum 1/2 light pink, which I’m ok with,  I guess. Just don’t tell my hairdresser what I did.

3. On Saturday night I got to see my favorite band of all time: Stars. The show was amazing, and after it was over I got to meet Amy, Chris, Evan, and Torq! I was so starstruck.

Also, the smaller, less important list:

1. I have yet to unpack 1/2 of my closet and the other half is crammed onto two tiny rolling racks.

2. I realized that I had no tongs so I cooked carne asada with a fork.
3. I must have bleached the sink and tub out 3 times after dying them pink.
4. Rite Aid is a walk away, and they sell cartons of their ice cream! Malt crunch= bliss.
5. Peet’s Coffee is my savior.

6. Whole Foods is too expensive for my new budgeted lifestyle, so I got a Ralph’s card and will splurge at the neighboring Trader Joe’s.
7. I love walking everywhere.

So there you have it, my first, less than glamorous week in Hillcrest. I will now return you to your regularly scheudeled fashion blogging.

Your Style Guide,

No Fashion Today

November 8, 2010

As the title states, there will be no street photos today, but I have a good excuse. This week, I finally accomplished what every college student hopes to accomplish before they are handed their degree and sent out into this less than pleasant job market…. I moved out. Somehow, with all my terrible luck and inability to talk to practically anyone new, I found the perfect place, in my favorite city in San Diego: Hillcrest. Also surprisingly, I can afford it on my part-time salary.

I love it here and I’m so excited to begin this new journey. I am also excited about the opportunities that living in the city will bring to my blog. Now I live in a place where cows do not outnumber people and where I can actually walk to the store and not be three miles from the nearest neighbor. It’s quite the change. This city is probably the most fashionable in San Diego. We have a Buffalo Exchange and a Flashbacks across the road from each other! The streets are lined with cute little boutiques and incredible vintage stores. Not to mention about a million trendy/organic/indie/whathaveyou coffee shops. Also, being seconds away from downtown doesn’t hurt either.

So, tonight we went exploring in my fabulous neighborhood and discovered my mecca… Whole Foods! Then down the street from that… Trader Joes! So I’m set. This excites me beyond belief. The nightlife is also pretty amazing but I’ll have to wait a year before I can experience that. But I don’t plan on going anywhere anytime soon. This is my city and I’m so excited that I will be able to share it with you, my amazing readers. Starting right now this moment, I’ll be on the lookout for you Hillcrest fashionistas! So you better be ready.

Until then, happy styling!

Your Style Guide,

Halloween weekend for a college student is a departure from the door-to-door candy begging and a shift to binge drinking and skimpy dressing. While I do attend parties, I am not one for the party lifestyle i.e. I don’t drink. So this weekend, I was the observer in the corner of the room with a camera. It gave me something to do while everyone else was living the “true” college lifestyle.
Also, I completely missed the boat that since Halloween was on Sunday this year, everyone partied on Saturday, when I was working. So with a smaller array of parties to attend and drunks to gawk at, I was on the hunt for the greatest costume of the night, and I believe I found it.

This is Matt, aka Moose. He’s one of my friends from high school and I ran into him at a party near my house on Sunday. I instantly loved his costume. A giant banana?? Heck yes! But the deal maker was definitely the suit.

“Moose, why are you wearing a suit?” I asked.

“Cause I’m fancy.” he replied with a straight face.

That did it, I burst into laughter and told him that he had to be on my blog, which led to this picture.
Apparently the suit was our friend Brian’s grandpa’s suit. “It’s from the 50’s,” Moose told me excitedly.

But the big banana was not the only costume that captivated me. About an hour into the party Marshall‘s brother Chase (small town) walked in wearing a HUGE mustache, which I stole immediately, resulting in this photo:

Yes, that’s me!

So lovely readers, how was your Halloween? What did you wear? Did you college party or do some old fashion trick-or-treating? Send me pictures!

Wishing you a happy November and sending out positive style vibes!
Your Style Guide,


October 25, 2010

Today I visited one of my most fashionable friends, Ashlee. Besides being dressed to the nines constantly, she also has an amazing wardrobe. So, I decided to propose my newest idea to her: I want to look past “what are you wearing today?” and into the wardrobes of fashionistas. We were already in her room and she has the most colorful closet ever, not to mention it spills over into the office closet as well.
So I asked Ashlee to pick out five to ten pieces from her closet which she likes the most, to which she replied, “I really don`t know.” So I re-phrased my question, “Your house is burning down and you need to stay stylish, what are the five to ten things you would grab?” I think that helped her understand. She began frantically throwing items of clothing at me, then taking some back.. I guess those lose to the fire.
In the end, she picked out her leather jacket, two pink tops, two pairs of jeans, her black dress “that goes with everything,” her cowboy boots, leopard flats, and “everything I`m wearing right now.” Which was adorable. I love her shiny Tom’s.

I’m glad I had the opportunity to check out Ashlee’s closet and I’m very curious to see what others look like as well. (feel free to send pictures!) It’s part of the reason my dream is to become a stylist: to go through other people’s clothing and help them tweak it so it is perfect for them.
This idea also made me think about my own overflowing monochrome wardrobe and what my favorite pieces are as well, thought I don’t know if I could stop at just ten favorites.

Whimsical thoughts and positive style vibes!
Your Style Guide,

P.S. What are your ten favorite/reliable/wackiest wardrobe items? Send me pics and I’ll post them!

Janelle & Shari

October 12, 2010

This week I finally decided to go searching at my school, San Diego State University. Though, this decision was not made easily. For one, my school is full of beautiful girls, who travel in packs. As if talking to one pretty girl wasn’t hard enough for me. Also, the fashion community at my school is fairly nonexistent. Most girls usually wear the standard “college uniform” of a high high high waisted skirt, cardigan, and…. Uggs. There was no way I was taking a picture of anyone wearing Uggs. There is also the other college classic: sweatpants with the SDSU logo written down the leg… usually tucked into Uggs as well. Those boots are just not right. But, back to my story.

It took me a while to first build up the courage to talk to anyone, then to actually find someone not in “uniform.” Lucky for me I found a pair of gorgeous girls who were definitely not dressed like everyone else.

Meet Janelle and Shari. As soon as I saw Janelle’s amazing matching skills and Shari’s playsuit, I knew they belonged on the blog. I have a severe weakness for all things romper, especially a floral one… so awesome! Also, Janelle’s navy top paired with a navy striped cardigan and belted shorts is so chic. We need more girls who can dress like these two at our school.

This week as an extra I took a video of me walking around school looking for someone stylish to photograph. Sorry I was so shaky, but once again.. pinchy shoes are to blame (go faux-Chloe’s from Forever 21). The song is called Public Service by The Bravery.

Happy styling fashionistas!

Your Style Guide,


I wonder, (if you’re still in school) how does San Diego State’s style compare to your school’s?


October 11, 2010

This video is everything I aspire to become.


October 6, 2010

This week I was in Fashion Valley, San Diego’s epicenter of style. Just, not on Sundays. Sunday is when everyone and their grandma hit the malls in tee shirts and jeans, with very little room for deviation. Bad decision on my part. I did catch a glimpse of a very stylish man who was carrying a big black leather purse and wearing a vest and bow tie, but he was walking a million miles an hour in the opposite direction, and I was wearing pinchy shoes. Finally, I gave up and went to search for my sister who was dying of boredom while my mom was shopping. On my walk to Nordstrom I caught a glimpse of a print that I adore, snakeskin. It was a skirt, and it was passing behind a pole, heading in my direction. This time, I swallowed my fear and told myself that no matter who steps out from behind that pole wearing that skirt, I will take their picture. As soon as she stepped out, the fear struck, like I knew it would. I have serious issues talking to pretty women. But I did not let it affect me. I approached her, and though I did falter in my speech a bit, I accomplished my first solo style sighting.

Her name is Ashleigh and she is a stunner. I had to ask her where she got her skirt. “Macy’s actually,” she replied and pointed to the store, which must have been where she was heading. Now, I know if I had not included a picture and just described her outfit I would have gotten many *gag* *blech* *drab* responses, because it is the typical “college style” of a high-waisted skirt with boots and a cardigan. But, this is how you do it right. Ashleigh was right on point with her outfit composition and I award her for being probably the first person I’ve seen to nail this without it even crossing my mind that this is typical “college style” until I actually considered the pieces she was wearing.
Kudos Ashleigh, and thank you!

Happy styling!
Your Style Guide,

P.S. Beyond my obvious issues, I realized that I seem to have an eye for only black and white outfits. So, next time I promise you I will look for color. I will try my best not to let my own monochromatic wardrobe and taste influence this blog any further. That is all.
Oh, and P.P.S. Thank you guy in the background for messin up my shot.